SsPassfixes(patches) needed to use this site:

Notice:for Windows 7 use this:

Notice: FIREFOX dont need a fix at all,its highly recommended!

Below you will find a passfix for Vista and/or Internet explorer7 and Xp and/or Internet explorer 6
The passfix for vista is BRANDNEW and added 19december 2007 and has passed a lot of tests.

The reason you have to run a fix is that microsoft no longer supports links like this:
In other words :after running the fix
you can click the links and get access,if you dont run the fix you nust add the pass manually!

 How to run the fixes:
Click on the link,then click "open",or "save" to the desktop,
and click the passfix.reg on your desktop,

(Remember to close and restart browser!
Still doesnt work?: Restart your computer!
now youre ready!

Passfix for VISTA/INTERNET EXPLORER 7 and above: Vistafix
Passfix for Windows XP/internet explorer 6 and above : XP-FIX
Passfix for Windows 7: Vistafix

How to add passes manually:
to find
passes hold your mouse over a link,in the lower left corner
of browser you find a link like this:
http://heaven:[email protected]/members/
heaven is username and hell is pass you must add to box!

Troubles: mail me here